9 Steps to Buying Greenhouse Accessories

Gardening stores today sell an incredibly wide array of greenhouse parts and accessories.

Greenhouse Accessories are Important in Gardening

If you are still not an expert at greenhouse gardening, choosing which accessory to buy first may be very confusing. But do not worry because here are some simple tips that can help you shop.

Read on and get to know the most basic types of greenhouse accessories that you should be investing on today.

1. Get a good and reliable heating system.

The heating system is one of the most important parts of a greenhouse. Plants naturally need sunlight to survive and without the right amount of heat, they can easily wilt away and die during the cold winter months. Greenhouse HeaterThere are actually many different types of heaters to choose from – from the gas heaters, the electric heaters to the propane-powered units. Most if not all of these models work fairly well. Electric heaters however, may be more inconvenient during power outages.

2. Install a proper ventilation system.

Greenhouse Ventilation

Aside from the heating system, a good ventilation system is also a very important greenhouse accessory. Ventilators will not only help create suitable temperatures within your greenhouses but it can also aid in the process of pollination and plant reproduction.

3. Find an appropriate glazing material for your greenhouse panels.

Panels in Greenhouse

Sidings or glazing materials are also very important accessories because they promote better greenhouse insulation. Proper heat insulation can help you cut back on your electricity cost and can help create a stable temperature that is suitable for your plant’s growth.

4. Buy a temperature gauge.

Digital Thermometer

Small greenhouses do not necessarily need a temperature gauge. This accessory however, is very important in large-scale greenhouses for proper heat distribution. A temperature gauge can give you real time temperature readings to help you create an environment that is conducive for plant growth.

5. Install proper lighting.

Greenhouse with Lighting System

Light is one of the most important factors for plant growth. A proper lighting system allows you to cultivate plants species that grow only at a certain amount of light intensity. Since your plants will be located indoors, this artificial source of light can serve as a good substitute or a supplement for natural sunlight as well.

6. Get shelves and benches.

Shelves for Greenhouses

Shelves can give you added storage. However, make sure that you have enough space to accommodate these types of accessories to prevent over-crowding your greenhouses. See to it that you’ll still have enough space to work around.

7. Buy shade cloths for to protect your plants from the sun during hot summer months.

A shade cloth can help protect your plants from too much heat and over-exposure from the sun. Greenhouse Shade ClothShade cloths can also help you reduce the energy cost of your ventilation system.

8. Cover your greenhouse floor with pea gravel or concrete slabs.

Pea gravel is one of the best types of materials that you can use to dump under your potting benches to avoid water and mud accumulation. You can also opt to put concrete slabs along your walkways for this same purpose. However, make sure that you use slabs with rough textures to avoid slips and accidents.

9. Find good quality garden tools.

Finally, invest in durable basic garden tools such as a shovel, a hoe, a tiller, a rake, a trowel, a spading fork and a pair of pruning shears. You do not have to buy the expensive brands because there are a plenty of fairly durable items sold out in stores today that will not cost you that much at all.

Using Greenhouse Accessories




So if you plan to go shopping for greenhouse accessories, make sure that you buy the most basic and the most important accessories first. These items should be enough to help you maintain your greenhouses well. Apart from that, invest on good quality products. Turn to online review sites to get information on good and reliable brands available in the market today.

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