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Go Garden Guides: WordPress Admin Icon LogoWe are very happy to have you join us here, in the quest to turn the world back into Eco friendly place, one seed at a time.

Whitney Segura“I would imagine that many here are not gardeners and have never grown anything, but that’s okay. We can help you, but if you don’t have a passion for it, then you should try it for your children and get them involved, you would be shocked at what kind of a difference it can make in a young teens life.”

“What do you have to lose?… Nothing. But, you stand with everything to gain.  Let us help get you there!”

 ◊ Whitney Segura ~ (Founder and CEO)





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What can you do here?


1. Learn & Grow

Use our database to stop thinking about growing like a pro and start doing it!

  • Here there is something for gardeners of all experience backgrounds, we have a large selection of beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert gardening skill level guides.


2. Write & Publish

Here at Go Garden Guides, we believe in community and sharing knowledge with others, and not expecting anything in return.

  • Currently, we are accepting submissions of tutorials and articles from the general public.


3. Earn Cash

Every few months, Go Garden Guides puts on a large gardening guest blogging contest, in which gardeners can submit their best articles and tutorials in hopes of winning the grand prize.

  • Winners are selected and prizes are awarded to each of the top 5.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place entries always will win a cash prize, in addition to other prizes, such as a free greenhouse, free hydroponics system, free compost bin, free garden container, or a free gift certificate to the contest sponsors online stores.
  • All contestants will be rewarded with their choice off a free greenhouse gardening ebook, vegetable gardening 101 ebook, Bonsai tree gardening ebook, seasonal recipes ebook, and a vegetable gardening recipes ebook.

Save & Win Cash by Submitting Guest Gardener Blog Posts!

4. Sponsor Contests

Becoming a sponsor here has great advertising benefits and is an excellent deal for all who are involved.

  • Sponsorship fees will go towards larger prizes and extra contest promotions.
  • Sponsors will have their company information and website displayed on the primary contest announcement page and winners bracket pages.

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Sponsorship Packages:

Bronze Sponsors$25

  1. Includes basic listing on sponsors listing page, with 1 link to company website.

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Silver Sponsors$50

  1. Includes enhanced listing on sponsors page.
  2. Includes free regular listing in the GoGardenGuides.com Web Directory ($25 value).


Gold Sponsors$100

  1. Includes bold listing on sponsors listing page with picture of the company logo, with 1 link to the top level domain, link to the company Twitter profile, link to the company Facebook fan page, RSS feed link displaying the latest 3 posts, and 1 bonus deep link.
  2. Includes 1 free featured lifetime directory listing at GardenDirectory.us Web Directory ($25 value)
  3. Includes 1 free featured lifetime directory listing at GoGardenGuides.com Web Directory ($50 value).


Platinum Sponsors$200 (Best Value!)

  1. Includes bold listing on sponsors listing page with picture of the company logo, with 1 link to the top level domain, link to the companies Twitter profile, link to the companies Facebook profile, RSS feed link displaying the latest 5 posts, and 3 bonus deep links.
  2. Includes 1 free featured directory listing at GardenDirectory.us Web Directory ($50 value).
  3. Includes 1 free featured directory listing at GoGardenGuides.com Web Directory ($50 value).
  4. NEW Bonus: 1 free bronze level sponsorship for the next blog contest ($25 value).

Go Green or Go Home

Sponsors and Recommended Organizations:

Kids Gardening Global Organization Young Minds
National Kids Gardening Organization
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(NGA) National Gardening Association

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Louisiana Agriculture Magazine LSU Highlight Fall 2012 Volume 55 No. #4

What are you waiting for? Get started NOW!

  • Greenhouses: How-to Growing plants in Your Greenhouse Ebook

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  • Contact us today, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, want to learn more about sponsoring or become a sponsor, or submit an article to our database.


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