How to Do Pond Algae Control and Removal

Algae are a large group of diverse organisms that resemble plants.   Seaweeds are the most complex species of algae, but they also include single cell organisms. This type of algae often thrives in ponds, especially in ponds with any competing animal or plant life. This is most common in new ponds that don't have an established ecology yet. A variety of methods … [Read more...]

How To Keep Compost Worms Fresh & In Top Condition

Compost Pile of Juicy Red Earthworms in Soil

Worm composting is, by far, the best way to compost for people who do not have the luxury of having huge amounts of space in their yards.   Worm composting even scores over other methods of composting in terms of the time taken to complete the process.   For example, while worm composting takes around 10 months, conventional methods of composting can take months … [Read more...]

How to Grow Cherries in a Greenhouse

Wild Berry Plant

Fruit is a type of food that most people enjoy eating. Most fruit is naturally sweet and healthy.   Because of this, fruit is popular among children and adults. Unfortunately, fruit can be very expensive to purchase.   This is especially true if you are purchasing out of season fruits. There is another option that you can take instead of purchasing … [Read more...]

Who Invented the First Hydroponics System?


The Earth is composed of approximately 72 percent water in both the saltwater and freshwater bodies, thus, earning it the moniker of the Water Planet.   With such a pervasive presence in our lives, it is no surprise then that hydroponics may have well preceded soil-based agriculture.     Ancient Examples Browsing through history books related to … [Read more...]

When to Move the Plants Out of the Starter Greenhouse?

Silver 4x6 Backyard Greenhouse Kit

When Should You Move Your Plants Outside of Your Starter Greenhouse Kit?   Plants are amazing objects of beauty. You can enjoy plants year round with a greenhouse. Many times, people want to enjoy flowers and plants that are not common for the season. In a greenhouse, any plant or flower can be grown, regardless of the season.     Greenhouses … [Read more...]