How to Make a Dull Home Marketable

Have you ever thought of putting up your old house on the market?

Do you think it looks marketable enough to convince a real estate agent to represent your property?

Well, there are tricks to turn a dull home into an enchanting holiday property, which is by way of home renovation.

Spill those tricks already!

Who is your target market – The first step is to identify your target market. Only then you will be able to design a plan with those target buyers in mind. You can add elements that you think they will find attractive and worth the price. The target market could be a small family of 3 or 4, someone who loves soaking up the sunshine and barbecue weekend, or a big family of 6 whose kids love playing outdoors.

Happy Family

Build a multi-functional timber deck– A fully functional timber deck is a great plus point on any property. When AFTA surveyed 1,000 real estate agents in the US, they have found out that 73% of the survey respondents believed that houses with a timber flooring were sold way faster than properties with other types of floor structures. A timber deck can improve your home’s market price to $20,000 more. If this doesn’t convince you of the valuable benefit of timber flooring yet, hear expert recommendations and get your timber requirements from Softwoods!

Timber Deck

Add these landscaping tricks into the mix– Depending on your budget, you can add as many aesthetics elements as you want to the landscape design. Consider using the following add-ons:

Plants – Potted plants are low-maintenance when placed outdoors. It adds exotic beauty to any garden and doesn’t cost too much unlike other materials.

• Sod – Aside from timber decking, installing a turf to the ground can be attractive. Besides, children always want to play on a small grassy area. If your target market involves families with children, then this element might serve as a deciding factor.

• Paving –Bricks, gravel stones, and pebbles are a great material for a pathway. If you want to save money, order some pavers from online stores or hardware stores known for its discount prices. For smaller outdoor living spaces, a 10 square meter lot is enough. You can pave the area with stones of your choice but make sure that the design looks well-coordinated with the overall layout.

• Flowering plants – A great pair to any yard, flowering and hardy plants can soften up the strong earthy tones of the deck. However, choose plants that are low-maintenance such as Sweet viburnum, camellia, Photinia, Bacopa, Lilly Pilly, among many others. What’s more is that they are not that expensive. A pot size of might only cost you $20 and most of which are good for long-term gardening.

• Mulch – Make your plant boxes more attractive with mulch. Just add it on top of the garden bedding and arrange it according to your liking. You can use any kind of tree bark for mulching so it is pretty inexpensive.

• Canopy or a shade sail – Installing either of the two is simple.

You can just install enough number of timber posts to support the cover. Or, buy a complete kit from a local hardware store. As with any make-over, your goal is to come up with a visually appealing design. It has to be low-maintenance, as potential buyers do not want to do a lot of DIY works like weeding, off an expansive lawn. It can take up so much of their limited time! All they want is a breathable outdoor space they can enjoy, and not to be a janitor to it. So add these tricks to your home renovation plans and expect a valuable return on the price of your home.

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