Parts of a Greenhouse Structure

Just like a house, all outdoor structures and the greenhouse structure is made up of specific parts.

  • Your knowledge of these components and parts will significantly contribute to your success as a greenhouse gardener.
  • After all, you can easily spot structural issues and deal with them earlier.

Green House Parts

Greenhouse Frames

Greenhouse FramesThe frame is the skeleton of the greenhouse upon which the panes and floors are anchored on.

  • The choice of a frame is very important in the long run of being the newest greenhouse gardener in the block.
  • You want to be positive and confident in choosing a style and material for your greenhouses framing, this is the step that most people get wrong in building or buying a greenhouse.
  • So be certain whenever you choose your green houses frame design!


You can choose from many types of greenhouse frames from aluminum to plastic.

Aluminum Greenhouse FrameEach one has its pros and cons, so choose carefully because a greenhouse is always an investment.

  • Wood is considered to be the most attractive material. You may choose from rot-proof wood like teak, oak and western red cedar, all of which must be treated with plant-friendly preservatives every few years. However, wooden greenhouses are often more expensive than other types so do look at your budget.
  • Aluminum alloy greenhouses are increasingly popular nowadays due to their more affordable prices as well as more light entering the structure. However, the drawbacks such as faster heat loss at night, more condensation drips and lesser durability are things to consider.
  • PVC greenhouses are the latest in greenhouses and one of the most popular for many reasons. It needs very low maintenance and only occasional washing is required, not to mention that it is also more decay-proof than the wood and aluminum. However, it is not a durable material.
  • Galvanized steel is most often used for commercial greenhouses because of their durability and rigidity. However, it can easily be scratched as well as pitted with rust.

Parts of a Greenhouse StructureGavanized Steel Greenhouse Framing

Greenhouse Foundations, Floors, and Bases

Greenhouse Foundation WalkwaysThe most important aspect of the greenhouse floor is that it is flat and even. The design will vary depending on the gardener’s decorative style.

  • You may choose to have both sides as border soil with a central pathway, which can be made of concrete or wooden slabs.
  • It must be noted that this design can lead to soil trouble when not properly executed. Instead, you should look into growing plants in bags and pots.
  • The floor of the greenhouse can then be covered in any kind of decorative materials like terracotta tiles, stone slabs and even pebbles.

Greenhouse Bases

Greenhouse Doors and Openings

Greenhouse OpeningsYou have a choice between hinged or sliding types. Each one has its pros and cons depending on your requirements. However, hinged doors fit better than sliding types, not to mention that these are generally more affordable.

  • The important thing about choosing the door type is that the space permits it.
  • You may want to use the additional space provided by the sliding types. The choice is yours, basically.

Greenhouse VentsGreenhouse DoorsGreenhouse Door

When looking at parts of professional greenhouses, it is not a matter of looking for the most beautiful one on the catalog.

  • Your primary considerations should always be practicality, durability and functionality with beauty coming next in the hierarchy.
  • After all, you can always beautify the greenhouse by placing garden sets, ornamental jars and other decorative touches.

Greenhouse Structure Components

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