Small Greenhouse Plans for Narrow Backyards

There are a lot of greenhouses that are the size of buildings and they simply look amazing.


But that doesn’t mean that you need to have a greenhouse that big for your plants to grow effectively.


The only reason to build a bigger greenhouse is for more space for plants. But if you organize your greenhouse well, you should be able to fit a decent amount of plants in a small structure. This should be considered especially if you want to place your greenhouse at your narrow backyard.


Available Options for Narrow Backyards

narrow backyardGreenhouse kits are available for people that have very limited spaces.

But if you look at the costs of standard greenhouses, you will realize that they can be well over $500.

While you can build these types of greenhouse kits yourself you probably won’t be satisfied with the finished structure given that you spent hundreds of dollars on it.

Small greenhouse plans have reasonable prices and enable you to build real greenhouse structures that are made to fit for your narrow backyard.


When building these greenhouses, you get to choose the type of material so you can go really cheap by using any old plastic bottles that you have.

A lot of recyclable materials can be used to make a greenhouse so long as you have those small greenhouse plans to serve as your guide.


Types of Small Greenhouses

Before you go on and purchase the very first small greenhouse plan you see, you should be aware of the two common designs for small greenhouse plans.

hot bed greenhouseThe first type is the modular hot bed greenhouse which resembles a double bed.

This type of greenhouse lays low since the construction is rather simple.

The size should be enough to place several plants in a 7 sq. ft. area.

There are also 2 large doors on top of the bed so you can easily access your plants.

These types of greenhouses are normally made out of wood so you might be concerned about wood rot.

To make sure wood rotting doesn’t happen to your greenhouses, make sure you choose pine or cedar wood.

grow rack greenhouseThe second type of small greenhouse is the grow rack greenhouse which takes up less area.

Usually these greenhouses measure around 3 or 4 sq. ft. so it is more useful if your backyard is really narrow.

These greenhouses still offer a lot of space because they have multiple storeys so you can fit groups of plants.

Designing a plan for this is fun because you get the chance to organize your plants if you have different types.

But you should plan in advance because these types of designs are a bit more difficult to extend if you need additional room for more plants later on in the future.

Wood is used to build these houses as well so you should stick to cedar or pine wood.

Some of these houses use polyethylene plastic or cloth on the sides as well.

small greenhouseFinding small greenhouse plans is easy these days because there are a number of websites that offer free downloadable plans.

You won’t have to worry about quality either since many of them are pretty high standard.

Just know the dimensions of your backyard so you can quickly find a plan that fits your backyard.

If you still haven’t found a good set of small greenhouse plans to work with, check out any hardware stores, lumber yards and even local bookstores and libraries.

Coming up with the right design for a small greenhouse for your narrow backyard may take more time than just simply buying a greenhouse kit.

But when you are finished making the small greenhouse, you will enjoy the sturdier construction and additional space to work with.

In the long run, you will be saving some money so avoid those greenhouse kits if you have time to work on something that is much better.


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