What Not to Compost

List of Things Not to Compost

When starting the process to reduce waste recycling and reusing things comes pretty easily, especially when you know what to and what not to compost! You can recycle glass and cans easy enough, some places do waste recycling with plastic too. Some things simply have to be placed in the trash or reused. This includes inorganic garbage, plastic, metal of all kinds, glass, and … [Read more...]

How to Build a Tomato Greenhouse?

Tomatoes are the perfect plant for any greenhouse; they add color to the space, the creeper is easy to grow and yields fruits fast and the best part is that nothing tastes better in a salad than fresh tomatoes from your very own greenhouse.   It does not take a lot of effort to build a tomato greenhouse or to grow the plants. In fact, the space needed is limited … [Read more...]

How Does a Greenhouse Work?

How a Greenhouse Garden Works

A greenhouse basically works by maximizing the amount of sunlight that the plants receive without overheating them. The sunlight that goes through the transparent walls and roof are filtered, and solar energy is converted into thermal energy. The term "greenhouse effect", or the process of keeping the atmosphere warm, was coined from the idea of how does the greenhouse … [Read more...]

7 Steps: Guide to Choosing DIY Greenhouse Plans

Choosing DIY Greenhouse Plans

Although having your own greenhouse is a wonderful idea and certainly worthwhile if you wish to ensure that you are eating organic vegetables and herbs, there are some things that bear keeping in mind. This article will guide beginner gardeners into choosing the right DIY greenhouse plans, for how to buy or build a greenhouse that's perfect for your circumstances and … [Read more...]

Parts of a Greenhouse Structure

Parts of a Greenhouse Structure

Just like a house, all outdoor structures and the greenhouse structure is made up of specific parts. Your knowledge of these components and parts will significantly contribute to your success as a greenhouse gardener. After all, you can easily spot structural issues and deal with them earlier. Greenhouse Frames The frame is the skeleton of the greenhouse upon which … [Read more...]