How to Do Pond Algae Control and Removal

Algae are a large group of diverse organisms that resemble plants.   Seaweeds are the most complex species of algae, but they also include single cell organisms. This type of algae often thrives in ponds, especially in ponds with any competing animal or plant life. This is most common in new ponds that don't have an established ecology yet. A variety of methods … [Read more...]

7 Tips on How to Use a Greenhouse during Spring

Tips on Using a Greenhouse during Spring

Tips for Using a Greenhouse Garden during Spring Gardening Season Spring is one of the favorite seasons of the year, as the cold of winter is receding and the heat of summer is slowly approaching. The days of spring are usually fresh and sunny, and you will find that growing your plants in your greenhouse will be much easier thanks to the beautiful spring … [Read more...]

Low Maintenance Garden Maintenance and Improvement

Do you have a garden, but have neglected to keep it up because you think there is too much upkeep involved? The maintenance and improvement of a garden need not be a time consuming event, and believe it or not, you can even have a garden that is little to no maintenance at all.  The key is choosing the right vegetables that are low-maintenance so that you just have to … [Read more...]

When Do You Put Hummingbird Feeders Out?

When Do Hummingbird Feeders Go Out

How Do Your Know When to Put the Hummingbird Feeders Out? Humming birds are such beautiful creatures with their iridescent feathers in all colors of the rainbow, delicate beaks and marvelous bodies coupled with unique flying abilities. These wonderful birds also symbolize love, joy and beauty as well as speed. It's no wonder then that we love to attract hummingbirds to … [Read more...]