The Downside of Using Manure in the Greenhouse

Blue Plastic Double Door Backyard Compost Bin

Using manure on plants growing in a greenhouse environment can be bad, if done in an improper manner.   This guide will help you learn all about the basic and advanced techniques on how to use manure inside greenhouse gardens, and find the top universities and college agriculture resources, on the subject.   Plant Burn The roots of delicate greenhouse … [Read more...]

What Not to Compost

List of Things Not to Compost

When starting the process to reduce waste recycling and reusing things comes pretty easily, especially when you know what to and what not to compost! You can recycle glass and cans easy enough, some places do waste recycling with plastic too. Some things simply have to be placed in the trash or reused. This includes inorganic garbage, plastic, metal of all kinds, glass, and … [Read more...]

Garden Preparation Made Easy

Have you ever wanted to start your own garden but did not have a clue as to where to start? Well you will be pleasantly surprised to know that it is easier than you might think.   With a few simple tools and a few seeds, you too can be on your way achieving your own garden preparation.   Once you get the hang of it, your outside will look beautiful and you … [Read more...]