What is Urban Gardening?

Group of Ethnically Diverse Children Planting Urban Rooftop Garden

The traditional garden may not appropriately fit in an urban setting due to lack of space and presence of other factors that inhibit plant growth. However, urban gardening is an alternative solution for green thumbs that does not have enough space to tend their own gardens in the city. Find out below how to have your own garden in small spaces- it may be in your basement, … [Read more...]

The Go Garden Guides Gardeners Resource Directory v1.0 is Now LIVE!

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Welcome to the brand new gardening article and tutorial resource directory, brought to you by Go Garden Guides! It's official, the gardening guide directory is now live and open for business. Every single day, a new expert tutorial will be published for your learning and viewing pleasure. We spend hours everyday, working on each post thoroughly and creatively, in order to … [Read more...]