The Best Greenhouse Plans Lead to the Best Greenhouses

When you consider the amount of pesticides that are being used on the foods that we purchase at the grocery store you can honestly see why people would want to build their own greenhouses.


free greenhouse plansThe prices of the fresh vegetables and fruits are enough to make you want one as well. This is why many people have decided to take things into their own hands and grow their very own fruits and vegetables.

Building a greenhouse can be quite a success but you do need to have the best greenhouse plans in place before you even attempt to build your greenhouse. Having this plan in place will ensure that your investment will pay off and that you are on the right track for building it.

Once you have created the greenhouse plans or purchased one, you can begin the process of becoming self sufficient in terms of the items you can grow at home.


PVC greenhouse plansThe first thing you should decide on for your PVC greenhouse plans is what your foundation will be. There are several choices like pressure treated wood, concrete block, or even a concrete slab.

Pressure treated wood is easiest to lay out and form into the shape of the greenhouse but there are definite benefits to using the poured concrete. When you have concrete poured, you can have it poured to the frost line so that your greenhouse gets better results.


Once you have decided on the foundation it is time to turn your attention to the framework. There are several choices for the frame as well. Some people go with PVC piping or tubing while others prefer to use aluminum, either painted or unpainted.

Building your own greenhouse including the framework can be a challenge if you do not have the proper tools to bend the pipe so you may decide that purchasing a prefabricated frame may be the best option. The frame is one of the most important parts of the greenhouse so you want to make sure that it will be strong.


lean to greenhouse plans

The framework of the best greenhouses is important but so is the interior and exterior paneling.

Some people prefer to have glass panels in their greenhouse but be careful if you decide to go with glass.

Glass can be broken easily and if a strong storm comes through you may find that you are replacing glass pretty frequently.



Many people choose to go with polycarbonate or plastic for their interior and exterior paneling so they remove the risk of broken glass. If your greenhouse is a temporary fixture, you may decide to use a simple plastic sheeting.

small greenhouse plans

The flooring is the next area of concern in your greenhouse plans. If you have had a concrete floor poured the only thing you need to do is to make sure that it has some texture on it so that you will not slip around when the ground is wet. Any other foundation should be placed on landscape fabric. This includes placing bricks or treated wood.

At this point in the plan you should be considering the shape that you want for your greenhouse. You can choose from a lean to, an attached, a carport, a Quonset shape, or even a simple portable greenhouse that is portable. The typical sizes for a greenhouse are 3′ X 5′, 5′ X 5′, 7′ X 7′, 12′ X 7′ and 8’X12′, Once you have decided on this, your greenhouse plans are complete and you can begin the building process.


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