The Downside of Using Manure in the Greenhouse

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Using manure on plants growing in a greenhouse environment can be bad, if done in an improper manner.   This guide will help you learn all about the basic and advanced techniques on how to use manure inside greenhouse gardens, and find the top universities and college agriculture resources, on the subject.   Plant Burn The roots of delicate greenhouse … [Read more...]

10 Misconceptions about Composting

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  Ten (10) Misconceptions About Composting[divider]           Composting can be an involved process, especially for beginners.   There are a lot of stories and television programs that use composting in a humorous or dramatic way. Additionally, there’s a lot of pop understanding about what composting is to begin with that is … [Read more...]

How To Keep Compost Worms Fresh & In Top Condition

Compost Pile of Juicy Red Earthworms in Soil

Worm composting is, by far, the best way to compost for people who do not have the luxury of having huge amounts of space in their yards.   Worm composting even scores over other methods of composting in terms of the time taken to complete the process.   For example, while worm composting takes around 10 months, conventional methods of composting can take months … [Read more...]

Top 5 Secrets of Making Compost

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A compost pile is an essential part of your garden.   Compost serves as a conditioner and fertilizer to your soil.   It feeds on the "good" microorganisms in the soil that help your plants stay healthy and full of nutrients. In addition to this, compost in your garden helps sandy soil hold water better, while it aids in draining water from clay … [Read more...]