9 Steps to Buying Greenhouse Accessories

Greenhouse Accessories are Important in Gardening

Gardening stores today sell an incredibly wide array of greenhouse parts and accessories. If you are still not an expert at greenhouse gardening, choosing which accessory to buy first may be very confusing. But do not worry because here are some simple tips that can help you shop. Read on and get to know the most basic types of greenhouse accessories that you should be … [Read more...]

History of Greenhouses

Greenhouse with plants

A lot of countries take advantage of greenhouse gardening these days because there are online stores that sell greenhouse kits as well as people offering services to build larger or more complicated greenhouses. But a couple of centuries back, there was no real way to lift the limitations in growing certain types of plants for extended time periods. There were certainly … [Read more...]

How to Design a Greenhouse

Huge Commercial Industrial Growing Green House Environment

Designing a greenhouse begins with considering the amount of space you have to build it in and the budget for materials. These will be an important part of the design process. Greenhouses all are designed to make use of the solar energy from the sun to maintain a warm environment to grow plants any time of the year. The most important part of building and designing a … [Read more...]

How to Calculate Your Greenhouses Heating Requirements

Commercial Electrical Greenhouse Heating System

Greenhouse heating is probably one of the most important things that you’re going to have to factor in, especially during the winter time. Keeping your plants nice and warm is essential to their growth, and a winter greenhouse will be able to flourish if you can keep the environment warm and conducive to the growth of the plants. By calculating the heating requirements for … [Read more...]

10 Misconceptions about Composting

Compost Pile of Juicy Red Earthworms in Soil

  Ten (10) Misconceptions About Composting[divider]           Composting can be an involved process, especially for beginners.   There are a lot of stories and television programs that use composting in a humorous or dramatic way. Additionally, there’s a lot of pop understanding about what composting is to begin with that is … [Read more...]