How to Make a Dull Home Marketable

Timber deck with shade

Have you ever thought of putting up your old house on the market? Do you think it looks marketable enough to convince a real estate agent to represent your property? Well, there are tricks to turn a dull home into an enchanting holiday property, which is by way of home renovation. Spill those tricks already! Who is your target market - The first step is to identify your … [Read more...]

How to Design a Greenhouse

Huge Commercial Industrial Growing Green House Environment

Designing a greenhouse begins with considering the amount of space you have to build it in and the budget for materials. These will be an important part of the design process. Greenhouses all are designed to make use of the solar energy from the sun to maintain a warm environment to grow plants any time of the year. The most important part of building and designing a … [Read more...]

Small Greenhouse Plans for Narrow Backyards

Silver 4x6 Backyard Greenhouse Kit

There are a lot of greenhouses that are the size of buildings and they simply look amazing.   But that doesn't mean that you need to have a greenhouse that big for your plants to grow effectively.   The only reason to build a bigger greenhouse is for more space for plants. But if you organize your greenhouse well, you should be able to fit a decent amount of … [Read more...]

How to Improve a Greenhouse

How to Improve a Greenhouse

A basic greenhouse consists of an enclosed structure covered by a clear material, usually glass or plastic. This material is specifically designed to retain heat while allowing heat from the sun to enter the greenhouse. This generally means that the temperature within the greenhouse is much warmer than the external environment. A greenhouse is generally used for growing … [Read more...]