10 Misconceptions about Composting

Compost Pile of Juicy Red Earthworms in Soil

  Ten (10) Misconceptions About Composting[divider]           Composting can be an involved process, especially for beginners.   There are a lot of stories and television programs that use composting in a humorous or dramatic way. Additionally, there’s a lot of pop understanding about what composting is to begin with that is … [Read more...]

10 Awesome Home and Garden Gift Ideas

Bonsai Life Tree in Palm

  Top 10 Ideas for Household and Gardening Gifts Your home and your garden complement each other wonderfully. Your home is your refuge, after all, and your garden is a place that you go to relax and feel connected to nature. If you have friends or family with their own gardens, or if you just like getting presents for your own garden, here are 10 awesome home … [Read more...]

What Not to Compost

List of Things Not to Compost

When starting the process to reduce waste recycling and reusing things comes pretty easily, especially when you know what to and what not to compost! You can recycle glass and cans easy enough, some places do waste recycling with plastic too. Some things simply have to be placed in the trash or reused. This includes inorganic garbage, plastic, metal of all kinds, glass, and … [Read more...]