Why Choose Cooking from the Garden?

If you are looking for the ultimate way to save money on your groceries and feed your family healthy meals, then cooking from the garden is going to be your best option.  When you grow your own produce and herbs, you are in essence taking control of what you are putting into your body and what you are feeding your family. What's more, people that love to cook know that … [Read more...]

When Do You Put Hummingbird Feeders Out?

When Do Hummingbird Feeders Go Out

How Do Your Know When to Put the Hummingbird Feeders Out? Humming birds are such beautiful creatures with their iridescent feathers in all colors of the rainbow, delicate beaks and marvelous bodies coupled with unique flying abilities. These wonderful birds also symbolize love, joy and beauty as well as speed. It's no wonder then that we love to attract hummingbirds to … [Read more...]