Trees & Plants That Love Water

Not all trees and plants need the same amount of water.


Some like well drained soils, while others just love as much water as they can get.


If your area of the country gets a lot of rainfall each year, then you need to have trees and plants that love water in your yard.


Trees that Love Water

willow trees1. Willow trees thrive in wet areas. The weeping willow is the most recognized of this species.

It has low, sweeping branches which hang down in a droopy fashion. A weeping willow adds a certain ambience to any yard.

It does need a lot of space to grow correctly. One caution about planting a willow is that it can absorb so much water that the plants around it cannot get enough.

Make sure to plant this tree far enough away from any garden areas, so the plants in them are not adversely affected. Ideal to grow in zones 4 to 9.

2. The Betula nigra or river birch loves the conditions in bogs and swamps.

It grows natural in these areas. It can get as tall as 80 – 100 feet and is deciduous in nature.

It is known for its unique, gray, scaly bark. These are found all over the country.

Bald cypress3. The bald cypress thrives in wetlands. It grows next to streams, creeks and rivers.

It even likes mucky soil with moisture being constant.

This tree can grow to heights of 100 feet to 120 feet, and its diameter ranges from 3 feet to 6 feet.

4. A red maple grows quite well in flood plains or low wetlands.

Many times, it reaches a height of 40 to 60 feet. This type of tree grows quickly.

5. Cottonwoods love to grow near water, but can also thrive in drier conditions. They can grow as tall as 40 feet to 80 feet. Theirs crowns are open and broad with branches that are widely spread.


Plants that Love Water

Golden club1. Palm grass grows fast, is an evergreen and loves moist conditions.

This plant can grow to be about 8 feet to 10 feet in height with the lever being from 1 foot to 3 feet in length.

It will grow in part shade, but likes full sun better.

2. Golden club needs moist soil and can take even standing water, and still thrive. It likes part shade or full sun.

Its leaves are about 6 inches to 10 inches length wise. It can be propagated by dividing the rhizome during the spring.

3. Ferns love moist areas, any variety of them.

They are a bit whimsical looking at times depending on which kind you plant.

These can also take over an area, so give them enough room to grow.

Louisiana iris4. The Louisiana iris is a perennial flower that grows in a variety of colors.

This plant will grow in many parts of the country eve in some of the colder areas. It thrives best in the wetland areas such as bogs and ponds.

To stay green during the hottest part of the year it has to have sufficient moisture.

It also likes full to half sun.

5. Cattails thrive in the wetlands and they are easily recognized by their flat leaves and flower spikes.

They are commonly found at edges of ponds or in the marshes.

When conditions are right, they grow vigorously grow as well as spread.



These are just some of the trees and plants that love water. Check at your local nursery to see what grows best in your area. An overly wet area in your can be made a point of interest with the right plants.

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